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Our Top 5 Ideas for Bespoke Engagement Rings in Ireland

​​In a world where being one-of-a-kind is celebrated, custom engagement rings are stealing the spotlight.


​​When love takes centre stage, finding the perfect engagement ring becomes a quest for something as unique and extraordinary as the connection you share. At Alan Dalton, we understand the importance of crafting not just a ring but a symbol of forever. Let’s explore our top 5 bespoke engagement ring ideas tailored for couples in Ireland who seek the extraordinary.

Uniqueness with Custom Designing

Let’s pose a serious question – in a world filled with so many options, why settle for the ordinary? Custom engagement rings allow you to turn your dream ring into a reality. Our personalised approach to jewellery-making ensures that each piece is as distinctive as the love it represents. From selecting metals to choosing stones, your engagement and wedding ring set can be exclusively yours. 



Our Personalized Approach to Bespoke Jewellery

At Alan Dalton, our personalised approach to jewellery-making is our proudest accomplishment. We invite you to explore our range of engagement rings, each waiting for your personal touch. Choose from exclusive designs, select your preferred metal and stone, and customise your engagement and wedding ring set to reflect your unique style. We commit to working closely with you, ensuring the final product is nothing short of a wish come true.


Engagement Ring Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

  • Adding Coloured Gemstones: Why stick to tradition when you can splash a burst of colour into your ring? Consider incorporating vibrant gemstones with sentimental value, creating a truly distinctive piece.
  • Getting a Vintage-Inspired Look: Channel the timeless elegance of eras past. Vintage-inspired designs capture the essence of romance and add a touch of nostalgia to your bespoke engagement ring.
  • Accommodating Larger Diamonds: Dreaming big? Opt for a custom ring that can handle a larger diamond. This ensures optimal support and proportions for a breathtaking and impactful look.
  • Adding Small Symbolic Details: Infuse your ring with personal meaning by adding small, symbolic details. These elements make the ring uniquely yours, a testament to the shared journey you’re about to start.


Our Top 5 Bespoke Engagement Ring Creations

1. 18 Carat Gold 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Trending in popularity, this elegant 18ct yellow gold ring features the classic trilogy diamond style. With a 0.50-carat GIA-certified F Si1 centre diamond and two 0.25-carat F Vs diamonds, this masterpiece is held by four claws, ensuring a secure and dazzling display. And the best part? You can pick yellow, rose, white, gold, or even platinum.


2. 18 Carat Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring

Simplicity meets elegance in this 18-carat yellow and white gold solitaire diamond ring featuring a 0.46-carat round brilliant cut diamond. The four claws delicately cradle the diamond, letting its brilliance take centre stage. And yes, you get to choose the gold colour that suits your style.


3. 18 Carat Rose Gold Diamond Ring

If romance is your vibe, explore our 18-carat rose and white gold diamond ring featuring a 0.25-carat centre diamond surrounded by a double halo of castelle set diamonds. The split-set shoulders add an extra layer of charm to this enchanting piece. Your choice of yellow rose, or white gold, or platinum


4. 18 Carat White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A timeless classic, our 18-carat white gold solitaire diamond ring boasts a 0.50-carat round brilliant cut lab-certified diamond of F Si1 quality. The claw set design, with claws at north, south, east, and west, ensures a true statement of elegance. Oh, and once again, you get to choose your preferred gold or platinum.


5. 18 Carat White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Explore sophistication with this classic 18-carat white gold 4-claw ring featuring a 0.61-carat I Vs1 certified round brilliant cut diamond. Its shoulders are channel set with a sharp baguette and twinkling round brilliant cut diamonds, creating a captivating sparkle.  Available in all sizes.



Handcrafted in Ireland, Cherished for a Lifetime

At Alan Dalton, every piece is a masterpiece. Based in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, we specialise in bespoke diamond and precious stone jewellery. Our unique process combines traditional workmanship with the latest technological developments, ensuring each piece is of the utmost quality and fits perfectly. Contact us today for a personalised bespoke jewellery experience: